I know there's been a lot of hype about not only Longhorn, but also about Microsoft's new filesystem (which is being implemented in Yukon, the new version of SQL Server as well as in Microsoft's new operating system). CNET just published an article discussing some of the basics about the filesystem:

WinFS introduces new data-storage capabilities intended to make it much easier to find files on your PC--for example, two new features called Windows Storage Full-Text Index and Windows Future Storage Services aim to vastly improve Windows searching. The new Longhorn search dialog gets rid of Windows XP's multiple options (file type, location, hidden documents, and so on) and simply asks, "What are you looking for?" Longhorn provides examples of search queries you can enter, such as "What is a firewall?" or "Pictures from John."
Read the whole article here.

What do you guys think? Once Longhorn's released, are going to switch to the new, untested filesystem, or stick with NTFS (which has been tried and tested)?