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    Nessus 2.0.1 Released WOO WOO

    I got fragged by putting up links but here's another one. Just trying to keep people up to date.....

    Newest version of Nessus has been released

    Nessus 2.0.1

    Quote from Nessus site:

    What is new in Nessus 2.0.1, compared to 2.0.0 :

    * changes by Renaud Deraison (deraison at cvs.nessus.org)
    o Minor bugfixes (bugs #180, #183, #185, #188, #189, #195, #197, #202, #203, #20 4)
    o Fixed the "pink" graphical report issue
    o Added http keep-alive support in the CGI related plugins
    o Fixed a bug in the function get_kb_list() which would not always work properly
    o Fixed an issue where in some situations, some HTTP services would not be tested for flaws if they have not been port-scanned first
    o Added new signatures in find_services.nes
    * changes by Stephen Friedl (steve at unixwiz.net)
    o Fixed bugs and warnings in nessus-libraries

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    Yeah, Nessus 2.0.2 will be out anyday now according the the developer. Keep your eye on the www.nessus.org site.

    One thing that I will mention is that quite a few people who use Nessus have experienced some anomolies since installing NMAP 3.20. Just be mindful of this should you grab the latest NMAP build.

    Hope this helps!

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    I haven't really noticed any oddities running NMap 3.2 w/ Nessus 2.0.0. Since I just install 2.0.1 I'll have to wait and see....I'm currently running RH 8.0 with these programs installed.....

    Thanks for letting us know....horse13....

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