I agree with tony, in that ISP's should watch out for stuff like this. Thing is, most people on Windows just want to get pics of the grankids playing soccer, or their happy little online greeting cards as fast as possible (these are the same people who go and buy brand new p4 systems from Circuit City because they want to get their email faster...) people on broadband want as little interference in speed as possible, and so ISP's are kinda forced to keep out of the way... Until those Circuit City customers are threatened with the word "hacker," which scares them to death because Zone Alarm shows 6 million pings yesterday. They in turn call the ISP and ask why all the pictures of their grandkids are now a replicant of a Virus, and why the ISP didn' t step in the way in the first place.

either way, it's all about making money, and keeping the consumers happy.