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Thread: a possible bugtraq competitor?

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    a possible bugtraq competitor?

    Translated from a swedish news magasine:
    "The Danish security company Secunia is releasing a new service to the security community that will compete with SecurityFocus Bugtraq."

    "-After Symantec bought Securityfocus Bugtraq there are several questions regarding what values is left in this service. because of that, we now bring you an alternative where the users gets *sumtin *sumtin for free."

    *didnt translate this.

    that was my five minute translation from Swedish to English

    Secunia Security Advisories

    The Secunia Security Advisories is free and designed for the IT professional who wants one source of information about the latest software vulnerabilities.
    well, check it out at http://secunia.com/secunia_security_advisories
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    I personally haven't noticed a decline in service or quality per se since Symantec bought Security Focus, but it does seem to represent a conflict of interest.

    I have bookmarked this new source and I will keep an eye on them.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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