WHiS Is ThE BeSt???
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Thread: WHiS Is ThE BeSt???

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    Tell me one thing which is the best Linux??
    1) Redhat
    2) SuSe
    3) Mandrake
    4) Caldera
    5) Others
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    Who cares

    im pissed off with all these what is the best threads for **** sake we cant tell you whats the best pick something you like and use that ughhh!
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    although i do agree with pr0dikal,
    i have to voice my opinion
    FreeBSD Baby... it's all about the daemon!
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...
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    Each has its strong points and weaknesses. Most people seem to enjoy Red Hat 8, its the most user friendly for linux newbies. However Red Hat 9 is coming out pretty soon.

    People are a bit more experienced use FreeBSD a lot. I also heard that Mandrake has a gaming edition out, suppose to making playing windows games a bit more easier.
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    the best Linux is the updated Linux...
    i'm use RH, is good for newbies.
    OK, *BSD are good too...

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