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Thread: Antionline legal problems?

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    Antionline legal problems?

    I'm not a daily user of AO despite the fact I really enjoy and appriciate the quality in term of technical thread!

    Maybe this had been discussed in previous thread but I couldn't find one (Tell me if I am wron I'll remove it). I 'd been quite surprised that nobody discussed about it!

    Last week I tried to connect the site and I've been redirected to porn site, after a quick search I found some site article about antionline and some JP publication.

    [B]I'd like to know from AO moderators:

    - Did AO came into legal problem?[ /B]

    the following link gives info about this subject http://www.attrition.org/negation/index2.html

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    Interesting comment about the porn site. I'm here every day and never had that problem last week or any week. Typo maybe?

    As for the attrition link, that's old (circa 1999). And Packet Storm is certainly alive and well at http://www.packetstormsecurity.com .

    What you may not be aware of is that AO has been bought by a private company, JupiterMedia, and that JP doesn't run the site the site anymore.
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    Ive never had a problem with that either. Some sites that has happened to me before. Probly just one of those instances.

    Has it happened multiple times?


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    There are no legal problems. The only thing that happened is JP sold the site to Juptermedia and so far, things are going relatively smoothly.

    It is common for porn sites to buy mis-spellings of popular sites in the hope they will get traffic from mis-spellings. Not exactly the smartest way to try and make a buck, but people persist in doing it.

    If you continued to read through the many articles about JP and antionline going back to 1999 you would be reading all afternoon -- the New York Times, Wired and probably a dozen major publications had articles about him.

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    Well guys I do not know what happened but what I'm sure of is:
    - it happens the 27/03/03; 14h22 GMT
    - I am connected to a french ISP
    - It was impossible to connect to www.antionline.com, "the real one". It was leading to a home page using tha old fashion style AO. All links were leading to porn site such as gaymen.com
    - The home page was declaring that the site was a convinced hacker active site using its mail database to spy gov & mil (it was pretty scary)

    I am trying to find if the page had been cached somewhere, I'll tell you about!

    [I couldn't find any cached file, I am sorry]

    [I am a bit worry because I think I logged in, I'll change my password]
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