I work in a real estate office and we're planning on doing a trade show tomorrow in a place where we will have no internet connection. Our listing service (the database of available homes) is now web-only. What I am attempting to do is store the listings in a local database so we can perform searches on-the-spot at the trade show.

Our searches are limited to 250 results. Upon playing with the querystring, I can change the number of results to an arbitrarily high number. The reason for doing this is to download all 6000+ listings at once, rather that tons of 250- searches. Mind you, this is all data that we have permissions for, but the result limits are pissing me off.

Here's the problem... The querystring is for a page that will bring back one-line results (only 3-4 field values per listing). In order to get "full printouts" that I can parse individual fields from, I need to send seperate HTTP requests for each listing. Seeing how there's 6000+ listings, I want to automate this. Here's my ASP for an HTTP request:

http.open "GET","http://tempo.sandicor.com/Search/Scripts/Srh.asp?prp=RES&where=%28%28ListStatus+IN+%28%27act%27%29%29%29&ReturnNumber=25000",false

I get a permissions error on the http.open line. The MLS system, when I first log on, will authenticate me (see attached screenshot). As long as I stay inside that instance of IE, I don't have to re-authenticate. I can load my manipulated request (for ALL listings) directly into the address line and it works just fine (so that means that it does not check the http-referrer before serving the request, right?). If I try to run an ASP page (with the above code) to capture the data, it won't work. Why? If the directly typed in URL works, why doesn't the ASP generated request work?

Any insights? I know it's a weird problem and it might now make sense at first, so if you have any background questions, etc, please ask and I'll respond!

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!!


woohoo... I figured it out!!! After some more searching, I found that the http.open just needed to have the username and password appended to the end.

http.open "GET","http://tempo.sandicor.com/Search/Scripts/Srh.asp?prp=RES&where=%28%28ListStatus+IN+%28%27act%27%29%29%29&ReturnNumber=25000",false,"myusername","mypassword"

Works fine now!