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Thread: Attack on my computer

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    Attack on my computer

    i dont know if if any of you are KORN fans but while i was on kornweb.com in the chatroom, i was just in there messin around with a few people and all of a sudden my browser starts opening up new windows, it opened about 80 altogether, that were all opening up microsoft.com. I have zone-alarm firewall but it could do nothing to stop the attack. Any suggestions as to what might have been going on??????

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    Try port scanning yourself to see if there is anything listening that isn't supposed to be there.

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    Could be some sort of javascript.
    I had this once (including the code).
    Disable or set to prompt scripting.

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    I remember....Some ****er coding *******s on www.parshack.com (bitch ass mother****ing lamer whores who coded that site) they ****ing deliberately put a script on the ****ing page so when you close the browser on that site, it starts opening and wont stop...Luckily when the amount of browsers reached 50, it stopped....HEY HEAR ME OUT BUT I THINK THAT WHATEVER ****ING ******* and WHORE PUT THAT SHITTY ASSED SCRIPT ON THAT SITE BETTER TAKE IT DOWN.

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