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Thread: Useful Tools

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    Useful Tools

    Some useful tools:
    Anti-Spyware -- Block or disable advertiser-sponsored programs that secretly transmit information back to companies.
    - Ad-Aware
    - Aureate/Radiate Remover
    - Flow Protector

    Anti-Trojan Horse -- Detect, block, and remove remote access Trojan Horse programs.
    - BODetect
    - The Cleaner
    - Jammer

    Anti-Virus -- Detect, remove, and block viruses.
    - eSafe Protect Desktop
    - F-Prot
    - InoculateIT

    Bulk Emailers -- Send mail to large lists.
    - Express Mail Server
    - Stealth Mass Mailer

    Cache & Cookie Cleaners -- Protect your privacy by completely removing Cookies and Internet Cache.
    - AdSubtract SE
    - Complete Cleanup
    - Cookie Crusher

    Desktop Security -- Generate good passwords and protect your computer while you are away.
    - Benjamin Password Generator
    - Fake DOS
    - ISS Complock II

    Disassemblers -- Reveal the assembly language source code of programs so you can see how they work.
    - IDA Pro Disassembler
    - Letun Disassembler

    DNS Lookup -- Verify a domain's existence, and perform Ping, TraceRoute, WhoIs, Finger, and more.
    - Cyberkit
    - DNS Workshop
    - Domain Searcher

    Encryption Cracker -- Crack files encrypted with DES.
    - BrydDES

    File Encryption -- Scramble your data using a variety of algorithms, to keep your information safe.
    - Absolute Security
    - Blowfish-C
    - Blowfish-Java

    File Integrity Checkers -- Detect changes in your files that could someone has accessed your computer.
    - Veracity

    File Shredders -- Securely delete files to prevent access by forensics and recovery programs.
    - ASL File Wiper
    - Assure
    - BCWipe

    Forensics -- Retrieve information from deleted files and formatted disks.
    - Directory Snoop
    - Disable
    - Disk Drive Analysis

    Hex Editors -- Look at hidden data inside files and disk sectors, and modify contents.
    - ASL HexView
    - Frhed
    - Hex Editor

    Honey Pot Traps -- Catch and counter-attack hackers.
    - NetBuster
    - Tambu UDP Scrambler

    How To -- Information about hacking written by hackers.
    - The Complete Social Engineering FAQ
    - Countermeasures
    - The Ethics of Hacking

    Intrusion Detection -- Block or monitor the ports on your computer detect probes and intrusion attempts.
    - Anti-Hack
    - AntiSniff
    - Attacker

    IRC Clients -- Connect to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) communities where hackers meet.
    - MIRC
    - Pirch98
    - Visual IRC

    Keystroke loggers -- See what others are doing with your computer in your absence.
    - 2Spy
    - AppsTraka
    - KeyKey 2000

    Packet Sniffers -- Capture and analyze all information traveling across a network.
    - Network Sniffer
    - TraceWolf Packet Sniffer

    Parental Control -- Limit and monitor Internet access and program use on your computer.
    - ChatNANNY
    - Enuff

    Password Recovery -- Recover forgotten passwords.
    - 007 Password Recovery
    - Access Data
    - Advanced Zip Password Recovery

    Port Scanners -- Analyze ports on your network to detect vulnerabilities.
    - AA Tools
    - AntiSniff
    - Internet ports

    Remote Monitoring -- Silently monitor a computer at another location.
    - NetBus Pro
    - PC Spy
    - Qpeek

    Rollback -- Return your computer to a previous state to recover from a virus, system crash, or hacker attack.
    - ConfigSafe
    - Aladdin FlashBack
    - System Safe

    Spam Fighters -- Block or filter incoming e-mail.
    - Spam Buster
    - Spam Hater
    - Spam Killer

    Steganography -- Hide data in graphics or sound files.
    - Contraband
    - dc-Steganograph
    - Gif-It-Up

    System Locks -- Keep unauthorized users from accessing your computer.
    - DesktopShield 2000
    - Klik-Lok
    - Workstation Lock

    Voice Encryption -- Use this program to encrypt voice transmissions over the Internet or other networks.
    - PGPFone

    Vulnerability Scanners -- Scan your computer or network against a database of known exploits and openings.
    - Kane Security Analyst
    - Retina

    Web Site Protection -- Protect your Web site from getting attacked or abused.
    - WebAgain
    - WebCrypt

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    Excellent list! I think I will keep this handy as a reference.

    Not to create work for you, but it would be nice if all of the product names were links to their respective vendors instead of just text.

    But, I know how to use a keyboard and Google and I can find them myself too.

    Thanks for the list!

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    Hammer? :Really fixes those holes

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    Very nice collection. There are also many more and better tools for most of your mentioned categories, but your list is very helpful. Thanx for that info

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    nice list but I can't belive that you misssed Nmap from the list of port scanners,andsnort from IDS

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    ...and PGP from Encryption
    ...abd Spybot Search and Destroy from both Spyware and Cookie

    oh well, there are alot of nice tools out there...I might build a list like this myself.... we'll see

    - Noia
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    also you made no mention of firewalls

    and how on earth could you miss out AVG on the virus section

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    Great Post.... pity there werent any link. but never mind..hehe, gives me lots of work to do :P

    nice piece of work.... keep up the good work, you'll go a long way here....
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    a nice collection, ur list if of much help to newbies like me. thank you.
    keep up the good work

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