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Thread: Programs Run Slower After You Install Windows XP SP-1 -fix

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    Programs Run Slower After You Install Windows XP SP-1 -fix

    Now I dont have anything against MS or windows XP, but hey, Its not like this hasnt happened before, this is not the first Service pack that has screwed up a windows-box now is it?

    The funny thing about this Service pack-patch (now how weird doesnt that word sound?)
    Is that Microsoft urges that only systems with "Severe" problems should be patched, because this patch could bring with it other bugs or problems... What can I say?

    Its funny, when Microsoft releases a patch, you cant upgrade until you know it works and doesnt bring other problems with it... coming from the people of the most widely used OS in the world, and still, Im Pro-MS, I dont know why, I shouldnt be, I just am.

    After you install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), your programs may take as much as ten times as long to start.
    This problem may occur if the programs you run frequently allocate and deallocate large blocks of memory. Changes in Windows XP SP1 in the memory management system have caused this operation to take significantly longer than with pre-SP1 Windows XP.
    More info : http://support.microsoft.com/default...;EN-US;Q815411
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    It's like the recent patch for the WebDAV vulnerability, where it was incompatible with approximately 12 other patches. So you had to download another patch to fix it up.

    Maybe they should invest more money in testing their products before releasing them. It would save all the money they would expend on patching bugs, and then patching the patches, so to speak.

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