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Thread: This is about being Band

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    This is about being Band

    -----------> hello

    This is another question.......
    What can u get band of? how long till u come back in ? I see some people band like a month ago and come back today.............. mybe my eyes are playing with me..... But how can someone be banned that long>>>>>scary> lol .... please post back with some info THANKYOU..... U have a nice day!!!! d00dz attackin
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    OK man, what's going on here? Are you unclear on how to post and such? You've posted two threads already in the same forum supposedly about the same topic - one that makes no sense at all, and the other that's a little better.. To answer your question (I think) - any member can be banned for any kind of action that shouldn't be taking place here - the period is up to you - most banned members come back under a different account name... IP address banning isn't happening (to my knowledge)...

    Your other thread is available here:

    Suggestion: Delete the other thread and let this one ride...

    - Maverick

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    You can get banned off for posting usless messages like what you are doing now. And you may never come back on the same account that you have. But really what is this about?And also i saw in your last post that you didn't mean to do that im pretty sure, well at the top of your post only you can click edit and you can delete it or edit your message, thats there because they dont want people messing up and having to post again. But this will only work if it has been less than 1440 mins, if its over 1440 mins than you cannot delete or edit your post.

    >Hope that helps
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    drop the stupid jokes too please

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    I agree this guy is a moron..but I have been banned from a website..They either banned the IP of my router or the domain name. I have changed my IP and still have had no luck. I can't get to the site even if I use another computer. So IP banning is in affect!

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