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Thread: Uptime for windows

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    But you do have to buy the ResKit don't you?
    yes, you have to buy the book and you get a companion cd.

    You can get some* of them for free though. There are over 300 tools on the cd.

    m$ makes about 75 or so of these tools available for free. Visit this site for the free ones.

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    Nice tool and everything, but what's the whole deal about trying to get uptime info on a M$ box, it doesn't stay up long enough for you to forget your last reboot. Even when you don't touch the keyboard, you'll eventually end up with that nasty Blue Screen of Death!

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    This is the type of output you get from the reskit tool.

    Since 1/25/2003:

    System Availability: 99.9653%
    Total Uptime: 61d 9h:53m:13s
    Total Downtime: 0d 0h:30m:40s
    Total Reboots: 6
    Mean Time Between Reboots: 10.24 days
    Total Bluescreens: 0

    This output is from one of the servers that I manage. Was just the first one that I grabbed, but I'm pretty sure most of those reboots are maintenance related as we have not had any any unscheduled service interruptions recently. My desktop has been up 141 days. The reboot before that was to install W2k SP3.. So just goes to prove that W2K systems can have long uptimes.

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    My very personal evaluation of uptimes on windows:
    95: 20 min
    98: 35 min
    98SE: 28 min (ME problems start here)
    C8H10N4O2: long, very long. But it's an experimental version.
    ME: 5 min, but even an uptime program can't work properly on it.
    2000: 3 weeks (ahh)
    XP: 2 weeks (not too bad)
    3.1: eternity!!
    Well, where did I put my 3.1's installation floppies. I have just realised I should change my M$ OS.

    The day when games will be perfectly supported on Linux, I will definitely get rid of my M$ partition and I will be able to speak about months or years of uptime. What frighten me is that I heard exactly the same thing from a friends 5 years ago about Mac!

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    My windows 98 had 3 months, then I had to reboot because of a patch, no crash hang reboot or whatever in that time. Now it's on for a new record, already running for 1 month. I never tried win 95 for a record, but I once played a game for 5 hours non-stop, so that would be the record I guess. Ms-dos never crashed on me. Win ME I won't cover :s. Win 2000 lasted 1 week, but I got tired of it so I switched back to linux. My openBSD box was up for a year when it got hit by lightning.

    I measured the uptime of the windows 98 box without any programm though... there's a function or whatever that keeps tracks of the seconds your system is running. I'll have to search were it comes from I guess .
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    very cool tool thanks for source. put an input statement at the end to keep it open, put the exe in the path and it can be call from the run command.

    in windows 98 accessories>>system tool>>system information will give you the up time.
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    GetTickCount returns the number of milliseconds since bootup as a 32-bit unsigned integer. This makes the maximum amount of time it can count 49 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

    I guess they didnt aim for stability afterall, and they probably didnt think anyone could keep their box up longer that that?
    Very lolish.
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    www.byteandswitch.com reboots after two years
    Last month we pointed out a Windows 2000 site that had gone over two years without a reboot.
    Unfortunately, www.byteandswitch.com's proud run came to an end coinciding with the SQL-Slammer worm at the end of January.

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    Here's a better alternative to my tool, especially since I'm not going to fix the bug, as SoggyBottom has given me a much better alternative.
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    Originally posted here by Tiger Shark
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    Off topic, I know , but I just think that tagline is brilliant
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