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Thread: C question

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    C question

    I'm writing a program in C to get the computers internal speaker to transmit a morse code message.
    I have no problem transmitting a dot, I use the \a command inside of printf, but I can't repersent a dash, (three times the length of a dot). I've tried using \a three times in a row but it doesn't sound right so I was wondering does anybody know how I might achieve this.

    Also is there a command to stop a program operating for a length of time (such a sleep command or something) to put the spaces in the message?

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    #include <time.h>
    stop a program operating for a length of time -

    sleep( time_t timeout_in_seconds )

    bet you didn't see that comin', but i don't like it because it tends to act differently for different computers because it is only as accurate as the system clock.
    other choices:

    msleep( long timeout_in_miliseconds )
    usleep( unsigned long timeout_in_microseconds )


    for windows C++ heads, it seems to be

    Sleep( int timeout_in_seconds )

    and you also have to #include <windows.h>. they all return int's

    there are functions in the <sound.h> for messing with the built in speaker.
    //must have IBMPC compatible hardware and software
    sound_beep( int frequency )
    sound_tone( int cycles, int uptime, int dntime )
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    You might try using an ASCII code a'la ...

    printf( "\022");

    for your long dash. I can't remember what it was that
    I needed the same thing for a while back, but using
    the ASCII decimal ( or Hex ) code truned out to be
    the easiest way to get what I wanted, and it made
    iterration a lot easier too.
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