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Thread: PSTools v1.8

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    PSTools v1.8

    Hey all,

    I have just discovered a new version of PSTools has been released (I previously had v1.31).


    For those who dont know it, it can perform the following on remote NT/2K systems:

    PsExec - execute processes remotely
    PsFile - shows files opened remotely
    PsGetSid - display the SID of a computer or a user
    PsKill - kill processes by name or process ID
    PsInfo - list information about a system
    PsList - list detailed information about processes
    PsLoggedOn - see who's logged on locally and via resource sharing (full source is included)
    PsLogList - dump event log records
    PsPassswd - changes account passwords
    PsService - view and control services
    PsShutdown - shuts down and optionally reboots a computer
    PsSuspend - suspends processes

    I think that the remote host needs the server service running, as well as NETBIOS listening, and of course, you need to know the relevant account details.

    Tools like this reinforce the importance of disabling non-essential services on your machine. Although this program can be helpful for admins, it can also be used for malicious purposes....

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    Thanks, now I don't have to write programs to do the same thing. I was just getting started on a ps clone and from there I was going to write a kill clone. Saved me the work
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    I just ran these against one of my employees machines. She didn't even know I was there....<s> These are great tools for forensics because they can dump their output to text files and the output is incredibly detailed all without touching the machine.

    Good job Soggy
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