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Thread: C-Dilla removal?

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    Angry C-Dilla removal?

    Question, my boyfriends mother has turbo tax installed on her system. I am going to go up to visit next week, and she wants me to get rid of TT, and the C-Dilla that I informed her is now on her system. (She has two machines that it's on Win 98/XP Pro) My question is, (and yes, I have googled it, and I couldn't find removal instructions) is I want to uninstall the C-Dilla, cuz I know you have to uninstall it seperately from TT. I went to Intuit's webpage, and they have an uninstall for it...

    My question is...I couldn't trust the company to not put a trojan in their software the first time, should I really trust thier uninstall?

    Or do one of you guy's know of a better way to uninstall...I don't mind going through the registry, or other hardcore way's, I just want to make sure it's gone!
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    Well to go with the easy way

    Spybot S&D will find and remove it....


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    I agree that you should try a 3rd party spyware detection and removal tool. I have read that the official Intuit removal tool isn't 100% efficient and leaves traces of C-Dilla on your system still.

    Also, for those who aren't done with their taxes- running the Intuit C-Dilla removal tool also disables TurboTax. They were nice enough to create the uninstall after users found out they had secretly installed spyware- but they decided that if you don't like their spyware you can go play in someone else's sandbox.

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