Ok this isnt really about computers, but phones rather. I was looking throught some old junk i have when i noticed a weid looking phone/telecommunications device.
Its called the telectret II mabe by ACS communications. I searched on the net but couldnt find anything. any idea what this sucker is for?
I purchased it from a surplus store run by the phone company a few years ago i believe. Its a rectangular box with the dimensions 2.5" x 4.5" and and its an inch thick.

It has a rectangular push button switch, a circular push button labelled "mic mute", a dial which can be turned from 0-9, and on the back, 20 dip switches. Its got a phone cord comming out of the box with a small male jack. The kind of jack that your earpiece/mic part of the phone (the part you hold to your head) has. Its a bit smaller than a regular phone jack. It also has a female phone jack on the box which is the same size. On the box there is also a 1/8" female jack that looks like a standard audio jack. It also has a cord coming off the box which has some sort of a male jack which looks like an 1/8" audio jack, but its smaller diameter.

on the back it says:

complys with part 68. FCC rules. FCC reg no.BQ38ZY-68152-KX--N
ringer equivalance 0.06

thanks to anyone who has any info!