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Thread: Kevin Mitnick To Sue Carolyn Meinel

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    Kevin Mitnick To Sue Carolyn Meinel

    Greetings All:

    Ok, say what you will about Carolyn Meinel. You may view her as a security expert, or as a crazy old woman who doesn't know dos from unix. Either way, I hope you find yourself as shocked and outraged as I was when I read the following:


    It appears that convicted felon, and self proclaimed bullshitter (erm, I'm sorry "social engineer") Kevin Mitnick is planning on filing suit against her because of a small side-note in one of her Happy Hacker Guides which claims that Kevin Mitnick can't program.

    Yes, you read that right. The very man who's spent a good portion of his adult life bitching and moaning about the US Legal System and Freedom of Speech and Information is going to sue some old lady because she wrote 1 sentence on a website claiming that he can't program to save his life, or even his career for that matter (If you could call running a security company who's website gets hacked every other day a career).

    Obviously, this goes to demonstrate how vulnerable of a position Mitnick finds himself in. He's got the difficult task of trying to convince people that he's a "security expert" and not just some 2 bit petty bullshitter (which are, by the way, a dime a dozen). If he manages to accomplish that, I say three cheers to him, for being even a better bullshitter than everyone already suspects.

    I'll probably get sued by him now, too. "Mr. Vranesevich, I will love to see you prove in a court of law that I have ever actually extricated bovine dung".......

    Oh well, if you'd like to shoot him off an e-mail to remind him that he's stupid, here it is: kevin@defthi.com

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    Again, I see you have been doing your homework JP. I, for some reason, thought he was not supposed to use the internet or computer equipment of any kind until his parol is up. I must have been grossly misinformed. I bet he will just love the thousands of nice e-mails he will soon receive.
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    Originally posted here by aeallison
    Again, I see you have been doing your homework JP. I, for some reason, thought he was not supposed to use the internet or computer equipment of any kind until his parol is up. I must have been grossly misinformed. I bet he will just love the thousands of nice e-mails he will soon receive.
    His parole ended back in January sometime I believe, He was on TechTV to connect to the Internet for the first time since he got busted.

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    Not being an expert in coding or hacking myself I can't say much for Kevin Mitnick's skills or lack thereof.

    Having read his book I would say that if one can con their way past most defenses or use "social engineering" to get users to volunteer network and domain information and even usernames and passwords- you don't really need as much in the way of hacking skills.

    I can break into XYZ company by being an l33t h4x0r who knows how to footprint and profile my target and hack my way through, or I can get the secretary of the president of the company to volunteer the president's username and password and just waltz in unnoticed.

    To me, Kevin Mitnick seems like the main characters in Fletch or Beverly Hills Cop- able to walk into a situation and on the spur of the moment adopt a new persona to try and gain information or access. He may be able to program or hack as well, but it doesn't seem like that is his strength per se.

    In his defense, while it doesn't bode well for a security firm's web servers to get hacked, he isn't personally securing or administering them so I don't think its a comment on his skills. Perhaps they should fire the web server admin and get one that can secure it better. But, being the notorious hacker he is- coding skills or not- marks him as a target for newbies and script-kiddies who want to feel good by saying they hacked the infamous Kevin Mitnick.

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    Well, first of all, it wasn't one sentence. It's an entire article about how she , once again, tries to prove to the world that she knows everything about everybody, meanwhile her investigative+ journalist skills reminds me of some amateur kid trying to get his name through
    the local community board paper. She's not even Al Jazeera's material. To me, it just seems like another opportunity to get some attention, using Mitnick's name and until I see this story being reported through some trustworthy news media, I don't buy it.

    Your definitions of a felon is kind of scary for someone who is suppost to be against the common ignorant bias views. People go in and out of jail, for many different reasons and many sucessfully regain control of their lives. For whatever reasons Mitnick was arrested, he surely has done his time. The Constitution of this country will not only defend those with a clean criminal record, but also those who may have sometime of their life made a mistake. If he tries to make a buck or two out of his reputation, so do you and meinel.

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    I'm not required by law to provide you proof of anything. I've requested that you immediately remove these defamatory statements. You declined my offer. As such, you are acting with actual malice in your efforts to defame me.
    whatta weenie. If you are a known bullshitter, chances are people are not going to believe you in life and (duh) in a court of law. In fact, credibility is integral to any case and can very well make or break a jury's decision on your fate.

    With that said, let's take a look at credibility here for a second. Kevin Mitnick is a kiddie bullshitter that spent a good portion of his life doing these things. Like Carolyn Meinel said,

    You wrote a book on how to deceive people. So in order for me to accept the concept that certain forensic investigators have provided me with false and defamatory information about you, you would need to go the extra mile in making it possible for me to verify your allegation that you were a programmer and had never asked for help compiling programs at the time of your last arrest.
    That makes sense. The bottom line is, when you write the book on bullshit, chances are that's all you are going to be, and nobody is gonna care one way or another.

    ...and you can take that to yer lawyers.

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    Damn they gonna show it on tv? Battle of the Half Baked Hackers IV , id pay to see them mud wrestle for more media attention

    cmon who wants to go into the Tv industry, we`ll sell the rights to sky and retire


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    for a "master of social engineering" and all the hype that surrounded that book of his, i could not say that i was impressed by any of it at all. i was a salesmen doing cold calls for 3 years, and i think i've tried about every trick in the book. i have to say all the scenarios he describes are far fetched and boarderline hilarious. I don't see any of them working in the real world.

    if you want to see an excellent example of social engineering, see the movie Catch Me If You Can
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    I 've read all the email correspondence between Kevin and Carolyn and came to conclusion that what a lame Kevin is? But truth always hurts. Ha

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    JP you'll be lucky if Carolyn Meinel dosn't sue you for calling her an old lady!
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