Greetings All:

Ok, say what you will about Carolyn Meinel. You may view her as a security expert, or as a crazy old woman who doesn't know dos from unix. Either way, I hope you find yourself as shocked and outraged as I was when I read the following:

It appears that convicted felon, and self proclaimed bullshitter (erm, I'm sorry "social engineer") Kevin Mitnick is planning on filing suit against her because of a small side-note in one of her Happy Hacker Guides which claims that Kevin Mitnick can't program.

Yes, you read that right. The very man who's spent a good portion of his adult life bitching and moaning about the US Legal System and Freedom of Speech and Information is going to sue some old lady because she wrote 1 sentence on a website claiming that he can't program to save his life, or even his career for that matter (If you could call running a security company who's website gets hacked every other day a career).

Obviously, this goes to demonstrate how vulnerable of a position Mitnick finds himself in. He's got the difficult task of trying to convince people that he's a "security expert" and not just some 2 bit petty bullshitter (which are, by the way, a dime a dozen). If he manages to accomplish that, I say three cheers to him, for being even a better bullshitter than everyone already suspects.

I'll probably get sued by him now, too. "Mr. Vranesevich, I will love to see you prove in a court of law that I have ever actually extricated bovine dung".......

Oh well, if you'd like to shoot him off an e-mail to remind him that he's stupid, here it is: