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    Antionline dynamically... ??

    when ever i open a page on antipnline i get some information as
    "Antionline dynamically created this page for you ... " at the end of the site
    I can figure out that may be every thing is stored in the data base and is queried depending
    on the requirments . I'd love to learn the architecture of how it works and about most other sites
    how good are its security issues. where can i find out or can some one tell me more about it??
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    dynmaicly generated part is easy simple php script will do it for you

    $start = microtime(); // put at start of your script
    $end = microtime(); // put at the end of your script
    $time = $end - $start;
    echo $time;

    the querys which i think is extrodanarie high... but thats just me the only way i can think of doing it is making some ssought of abstraction and count the amount of times the function/method is called with a counter

    hope thats of some help

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    How about reading the FAQ's for a start.Iam sure you will find some answers there.
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