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Thread: free isps - exploit discovering

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    free isps - exploit discovering

    i am currently exploring bvunerablitieies in free isps. the problem that i have at the moment is that from the free account using the old software i can not send mail over smtp because port 25 is blocked. but on the free account using the new software it works fine. i have to use their dialers for each account but was able to decrypt the ppp username and passwords being sent to connect over dun. however the new free account (the decrypted username and password from the new software) disconnects me after about 5 minuites when using dun. when using their software it sends some kind of "don't disconnect me packet" to the servers (im assuming) . is there some why to emmulate this software? i would be very greatful for some help.


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    You might want to run a packet sniffer to see exaxtly the traffic coming and going from your machine, then you might notice some kind of connect to or from their server that's making you disconnect. If you find something like that, then you should probably block that particular port or even block the server if you can.

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