Alright, i got Verizon DSL, i just got it like a week ago.

The problem:
I log into Win2K, and guess what, no IP. i cant ping, i cant trace route. my cd-rom goes wack.

So im thinking, well if its my NIC, then it shouldnt work in Linux, WRONG! it works fine in linux, my nic works, cd-rom works, everything is fine. why do i think its not the service? because the laptop that i have on the mini network is working fine, and its working 2k

The confusion:

I downloaded Mcafee, and well.... it didnt find anything wrong. so i dont know. I have windows on a seperate partition then the rest of the system.

The solution: Well im asking you! have you seen a viruse like that? or is it just my hardware and WIN2k acting up again.