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Thread: a silvester movie

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    Lightbulb a silvester movie

    i saw a movie starring silvester (i can't really recall it's name )to be honest i saw only one see one seen in that----mr rambo is sitting in a dark room of his house with his laptop
    on ,suddenly police surrounds his house (now comes the real part)on the screen of his laptop he can see some marks which represent police(ooppss at bit to much to handle isn't it )now he does something with his laptop and bombs start exploding.

    ok then the real question is how does he do it for my money there are two ways-------------------1)using sensors--but if this is how it is achieved then suppose a condition when 10 dogs or 10 ppl are arround his house then how does he know it is a dog or a cow or a normal man( ).maybe some of you will say he is using heat sensors and probably u are right but how many heat sensors.
    2)the other way is certainly GPS (global positioning system),well i don't know much about GPS much so i won't say much about it.but i think if he had GPS then he won't need dots probably he would see running cars and cops themselves.

    anyway i am not too sure about is it the right place to post this thread.i am new to AO and when i went arround looking for threads i found that there is not enough threads on programming so i am posting this and by the way mr saddam should think of using this techniques around his palace .

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    This is the most rediculous post I've read on AO, and I've read quite a few. You might want to start with reading the F.A.Q. before you continue to post messages like this.

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    He's just getting new to AO PuReExcTacy it takes time to member everything, just give him a chace he only has 3 posts. like he said he is new to AO so he didn't know.

    Hey h3273 yea the http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?action=faq anti online FAQ tells you what this sites main focus is, it tells you how to not look stupid to not being banned. And if you have more quesions ask one of the admins.

    >Good luck.
    [glowpurple]NooNoo\'s [/glowpurple]

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    oh come on this post is shameful post .

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