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Thread: Internet Sharing

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    Internet Sharing


    I am facing this problem that I have 2 pcs and a cable internet. Now, I had windows xp installed on 1 pc and win 2000 on the other and there was no problem with internet and file sharing.

    I recently formatted the hard disk of windows 2000 pc and installed XP on that as well. Now the problem is that although internet access if working fine between both the pcs but I am not able to configure both the pcs with the data sharing. Any wild guess what will be the problem or what am I doing wrong here.........thanks in advance.

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    For Win XP, you might want to make sure that your have the same user names and pass on both machines. Windows has this funny thing about giving the user name and pass you are actually using and not the one you supply. But anyway, open windows explorer, click tools, options, then towards the boot of that screen it should say something like disable simply file sharing, click on that. Then try to logon to the machine using \\the_ip_address\c$

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    To add to previous posts, also just to make sure check to make sure the workgroup names are correct and make sure file and print sharing is installed and enable.
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    also did u remeber to set up the new new xp machine so that it looks for the proxy?? or are you using the iternet sharing that comes with windows??

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    I want to clarify the original post first. The thread is titled "Internet Sharing" but if I understand the original post the Internet sharing is working fine. Its the file & folder sharing that is the issue. Right?

    Asuming that is right, I second EaseZe's post. Make sure both computers are a part of the same workgroup.

    WinXP data sharing is a little quirky IMO compared with NT / 2000. If you right-click on a drive and try to share it you first have to respond to a warning message against sharing the root of the drive. XP tries ot dummy-proof sharing and steer users to sharing specific folders rather than entire drives.

    If you right-click on a folder or file to share it, you can choose between sharing it locally- only with other users of that same computer, or sharing over the network. To share locally you simply drag the files or folders you want to share into the Shared Documents folder. If you want to share with other computers on a network you have to check the box to enable it and assign the folder (or drive or file) a share name. Lastly, there is a checkbox for whether or not remote users should be allowed to alter files- basically a dummy-proof way of specifying whether the files should be read-only or not.

    Check to make sure that you have properly shared the drives, folders or files that you are trying to access from each machine and doublecheck that they are part of the same workgroup.

    Hope that helps-

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    yeah sorry i missed that ur internet is working fine right... yeah with the file sharing i have had a lot of problems with it myself using xp. i eventually gave up after about a week and went back to 98se... sorry i cant be of more help.

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