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    How to set up kazza

    This is about 6 months old but it was good any way....I am updating it soon

    Over the last few days I have seen a increase in the questions about P2P programs..........I am going to try to help with this...........

    Kazza is one of them Morphus is the other........Morphus has a new one out 2.0.......Have not DL it yet do not plan to.....

    I have never seen any type of P2P that does not have SPYWARE or a KEYLOGGER........
    Spyware is Internet jargon for Advertising Supported software..........the downside is that the advertising companies also install additional tracking software on your system, which is continuously "calling home", using your Internet connection and reports statistical data to the "mothership". While according to the privacy policies of the companies, there will be no sensitive or identifying data collected from your system and you shall remain anonymous, it still remains the fact, that you have a "live" server sitting on your PC that is sending information about you and your surfing habits to a remote location.....YEA RIGHT

    Kazza uses a .dll called cd_clint.dll.....

    Now that we covered that now we get into why system resources get so low..........

    Brilliant Digital Entertainment thing... Basically it's something which comes installed with Kazaa that'll download and execute code from internet without telling you about it... meh, follow the links and educate yourself........When the Brilliant network is activated, the software uses ... individual users' computers ... on behalf of Brilliant's commercial clients. The software might also use your spare processor cycles or idle CPU time to run computing tasks for those clients...

    Brilliant Digital Entertainment

    Ok now on to how to protect yourself from this type of intrusions............

    Addware from lavasoft........Addware

    This is to remover the spyware back it up if you have never run this before plan to find about 70............

    when you run the program, you must remember some things:

    If you delete an advert downloader called "Cydoor", KaZaA will no longer work.

    Now you need to go here and download the .dll that will replace it........CD_CLINT.ZIP


    follow the instruction closely.........It is easy to do...............

    And just when you thought you were through........You will still have an entry for "b3d Projector" in your Add/Remove
    Now this is harder to do...........

    Follow directions here

    All of this just to have your privacy.........Also they are starting to log everything that is DL and your IP #............So expect a email from some music indurstry.........Or movie company.........

    And on top of all of this there is this risk of being hacked or having a Worm, Trojan or Virii DL along with the files......

    There are new Worms that can infect a entire network in SECONDS not HOURS..Were talking hundred of thousands if not Million in less than 15Seconds ....They are called contagion worms.......

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    There are other ways to get around spyware. Kazaa-lite is a good way to get around all of the steps you have described above. It is kazaa without all the ****.

    There are also several gnutella fileswap apps out there that don't have all the adware and spyware too. Google has a nice little directory of them here.

    I still think it is a good idea to run spy/adware removal tools after the installs though. I try to run it after every install that I do, just to see if more crap than I wanted was installed.

    It is also important to configure it properly. I have seen some people share their whole drives.
    I use these programs to distribute some music that my buddies make, of course with their permission. I'm surprised at how many hits I get for them, when they aren't even that popular.

    All of this just to have your privacy.........Also they are starting to log everything that is DL and your IP #............So expect a email from some music indurstry.........Or movie company.........
    It is possible to proxy out these p2p applications. It is a little harder for the MPAA and RIAA to keep tabs on you that way. Here is one for kazaa . It is not freeware though.

    Anywho, good post cru!

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    ~Warning~ Kazaalite has it too, I use webroot spyware to clean and find it each and every time. it's something I am willing to live with while the application is in use for downloads.
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    Kazaalite indeed has cd_clint.dll, but it's just a dummie (read: harmless).

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    Just a quick note. If you are using p2p software such as kazaa, morpheus or imesh etc, make sure you have installed a virus scanner and scan any files beore you open them (expecially exe files). If you have downloaded a file and its not what it's meant to be, DELETE IT !!

    Good Luck (ps, i have recently discovered IRCGold, its much better than kazaa, although harder to use, all the files are what they say they are

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    Adaware 6 is a fantastic program IMHO and I run it everyweek, You would be surprised at the amount of stuff that enters your system without asking.

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