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Thread: Network problems...

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    Network problems...


    When i arrived New Hampshire, here in the office, we have a 3 PCs network. The problem is that the computers don't see each other. They have IPs autimatically asigned by the DHCP. We have 1 router and 2 modems. One PC is connected to the Speedstream router and the router is connected to a modem, one PC is connected to the router and the other two to another modem. The thing is if i assign them specific IPs they automatically can't connect to Internet and i don't know why. If i let the DHCP assign them automatic IPs they connect to Internet without problems but if i assign them the IPs they don't. Besides, as i said before, they are all in the same "WORKGROUP" group but they still don't see each other in the network. The connections are OK because they all connect to Internet without problems, but only with automatic IPs. Could you please tell me what we can do in order for the PCs to see each other normally with or without specific IPs?.

    Please tell me if i'm missing some info, thanks.


    Note: This is my second post after more than a month without posting here. My first post was some days ago and is this one HERE. I got negged in this post just for asking a question... or maybe they are welcoming me back. After this, i see NOTHING has changed here in AO and the SAME STUPIDS are still marauding through this site.

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    Do you mean that you can't see them in network neighborhood? Or you can't ping them?
    If you can't find them in network neighborhood... make sure they are in the same workgroup and make sure that the computer browser service is turned on.

    If you have a router that is assigning the PCs ips via DHCP, then it is also assigning the DNS servers via DHCP. When you configure your IPs manually... you have to set the ip, subnet mask, gateway(router) and the DNS servers. If you don't assign the DNS servers, you will still have net access, but you will have to type in the ip address of each site, rahter than the domain name.

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    Just to see if I got his straight.

    You have 3 computers, one router and two modems. One computer is connected to the router which is connected to a modem. The other two computers are connected to the second modem but not to the router.

    If that info is right then I don't beliebe that the computers would see themselves since only one is connected to the router and the other two to a modem. If you want to see all computers then you probably need to conect your other two computers to the router. That way they would be a same segment.

    With your internet problem You don't want to assign IP's to your computers if the ISP assigns them automatically. For example if you do want to assign a IP make sure you only assign to the the TCP/IP protocol for your NIC card not your dial up adapter, or your modem adapter.

    You might have to go into your router and disable DHCP if you want to assign static IP's to your computers. If you don't want to do that then just let the router automatically assign the ips for you.

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    May sound obvious, but have you checked your DNS settings? Make sure DNS servers are statically assigned when you don't use DHCP.

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    Wich protocols are you using. And wath Operative Sistems.

    If You use MS then, is a good idea to use tcp/ip and NetBios

    if other then let me now wich one.


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    maybe i'm confused or misread, but it sounds like your network isnt physically set up right.

    are these puters connected to each other or just the modems?
    maybe you should get a cheap 4-8 port switch and connect them all that way. all NICs to cat5 to switch with one port used for the router.
    are you using workgroup or are they all shared via file and print share?
    is one of these serving? or are they all sharing?
    make sure they are all running tcp/ip and client for microsoft windows. or file and print share if you're just sharing.
    make sure that the puters are physically attached to each other via some kind of cable (preferably cat5)
    again, what op sys? if XP, make sure you are logged as admin when you make changes and you have another user set up.

    hope this helps a little. some ideas to chew on.
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    Well, if they can all reach the internet with dynamic addressing, they should be able to "see" each other, at least as far as ping is concerned.

    If you cannot "browse" using network neighborhood or something between the different machines, the problem is most likely that you do not have netbios installed or properly bound to tcp/ip.

    Invictus probably hit the nail on the head regarding the static addressing internet problem.

    Also, do you really mean to say the following?

    2 pcs are connected to the router, which connects to the internet via a modem, but the other two pc's are connected to another modem?

    Is there no hub that all of these pc's connect to?

    If they do not all connect to one hub(or multiple hubs if the hubs are connected together) they will not be able to all see each other.

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    I think this has been addressed from all angels but let me expand on one. If it works with DHCP but doesn't work with static IP addresses then I would check the following:

    1. Make sure the Default route is the same as used in DHCP
    2. Make sure that any static routes are applied
    3. Make sure that your primary and secondary DNS are correct
    4. Make sure that the workgroup is the same (if applicable)
    5. Ensure your netmask is correct
    6. Finally make sure that the IP addresses you are assigning fall in the subnet that the router directs, but are not used by other machines.

    If it worked with DHCP there shouldn't be a reason it doesn't work with static IP addresses if all of this is correct. Well no reason I can think of.

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