When i arrived New Hampshire, here in the office, we have a 3 PCs network. The problem is that the computers don't see each other. They have IPs autimatically asigned by the DHCP. We have 1 router and 2 modems. One PC is connected to the Speedstream router and the router is connected to a modem, one PC is connected to the router and the other two to another modem. The thing is if i assign them specific IPs they automatically can't connect to Internet and i don't know why. If i let the DHCP assign them automatic IPs they connect to Internet without problems but if i assign them the IPs they don't. Besides, as i said before, they are all in the same "WORKGROUP" group but they still don't see each other in the network. The connections are OK because they all connect to Internet without problems, but only with automatic IPs. Could you please tell me what we can do in order for the PCs to see each other normally with or without specific IPs?.

Please tell me if i'm missing some info, thanks.


Note: This is my second post after more than a month without posting here. My first post was some days ago and is this one HERE. I got negged in this post just for asking a question... or maybe they are welcoming me back. After this, i see NOTHING has changed here in AO and the SAME STUPIDS are still marauding through this site.