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    Hotmails new limit

    Hotmail has just recently set a limit for the number of e-mails that a person can send in a day. The limit is 100 per day. They have made this new limit to stop spam from happening. I think that this will help a lot. What do you guys think about it?
    See the whole article here.

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    Ya. Right. I receive about 75 general and pr0n spam a day. Like limiting will make that much of a difference.
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    it will help, but it wont do much.. these twisted human beings we call spammers will register any number of email addresses to spread their word, and i doubt that the majority of these use hotmail - there are many other free anonymous providers, and some even goto the lengths of exploiting some linux newbie running sendmail in the background.

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    I order to stop that huge amount of spam from comming in, I had to switch the mail filter to "exclusive"!!!
    It was the only way to stop the head-ache!!!
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