Hi All,

Tomorrow, is April first and that is the day for pranksters (thus the nomenclature April Fools Day). Here's a list of computer related pranks. Note these are provided for your enjoyment only. I do not recommend using them on anyone (unless you are certain they will not mind).

Edit the system.ini file set shell=clock
and set the wall paper to be a screen shot of the desktop
(this can only be undone by booting in DOS and reseting the shell to explorer.exe)

m$ in general
Change the input local to something different. (I am partial to German for American keyboards which switches the way and z and a few of the shift+num keys along w/some of speical chars suchas ;,", etc) -I have done this to people I set it to default and then click on every open program and change the language to DE. I also always hang around when I do this to avoid a call to the corporate help desk.

It is not good to leave your pc (in the office) unlocked when your away from your desk. Recently, all employees in my company went to a security awareness workshop where that was one of the key point (30min workshop). To help people remember that that I do the above or go to there outlook send them a mail (from them to them) with Sub line Reminder and body contains something like Duncan is my King and God (no I don't have a big ego).

The above I have either used on others or they have been used on me. The next is cell phone related and was done to my brother on a Nokia cell phone. The Nokia's have shortcut keys (which you should memorize before pulling this prank). You change the language to something drasticlly different. After handing the phone back to the owner and hearing the cursing you use the short cut keys to reset it the proper language and hand it back.

Feel free to add others.
Happy Pranks to you,