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Im tyring to play around with Spikev2.8 against some machine on my LAN, but cant really find a lot of good Manuals on how to use it properly its kind of hard for a newbie. I tryed it against one of my windows machines that has port 1025 open! Using this command:

./dcedump 1025
DCE-RPC tester.
Was not able to connect to

but then running gives me this output:

./ifids 1025
DCE-RPC IFIDS by Dave Aitel.
Finds all the interfaces and versions listening on that TCP port
Tcp Connected
Found 58 entries
631dff68-3c39-4c6c-aae3-e68e2c6503ad v1.0
00000144-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 v0.0
18f70470-8e64-11cf-9af1-0020af6e72f4 v0.0
00000141-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 v0.0
00000133-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 v0.0
00000112-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 v0.0
1ff70681-0a51-30e8-076d-740be8cee98b v1.0
378e52c0-c0a9-11cf-822d-00aa0051e40f v1.0
0a74ef2c-41a4-4e06-83ae-dc74fb1cdd53 v1.0
3faf4739-3a21-4307-b46c-fdda9bb8c0d5 v1.0
6bffd099-a112-3610-9833-46c3f87e345a v1.0
8d0ffe73-d252-11d0-bf8f-00c04fd9126b v1.0
a3b749c1-e3d0-4967-a521-124055d1c37d v1.0
0d72a7e4-6148-11d1-b4aa-00c04fb66ea0 v1.0

And i want to try that FUZZER thing but not sure how to use it!

Can someone shine some light on this and give me an idea on whats happening here and or maybe link me on some tutorials on how to use this TOOL and all its features in more detail.The README with it are a little confusing. Or if anyone else has pused it could give me some ideas. Thanks Guys/Gals