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Thread: cygwin explaination - please?

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    cygwin explaination - please?

    Recently I read an analysis of a worm (Windows of course) and one of the things that cought my attention was the fact that the accuall worm reqired cygwin.dll for it to work. The author of the article pointed out that it suggests that the worm was originally written for *nix. My question for you guys is: Since virii and worms are usually OS dependent why in the world would the worm writter write it in *nix. The worm (don't remmember the name) had a short dictionary attack against shares in XP and then it mailed itself to addresses it would find.

    Can you please explain why it would need cygwin.dll and why would it be written on *nix platform.

    It really dosn't make sense to me!

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    cygwin.dll is used by a suite of utilities that give unix functionality on win32 systems...

    it was probably written on one of these systems, and the author didn't take portability into account???
    probably has more information, on the environment anyway...

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    Maybe the developer was more familiar with the nix platform, API, etc. The developer may have found it easier just to port the worm.
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