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Thread: Home Edition Xp Activation Code

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    I call the microsoft on the phone listed, but its always busy. Is there a crack available on activating the code.
    I think the preceeding replies to yours that contained this comment would have been enough..
    Product activation is a pain in the arse.. but it isn't impossable..

    option 1 telephone..
    IF your system is setup correctly it will by default Dial the nearest M$ activation server (BTW you don't talk to a human.. you key the numbers in on your phone, in groups of 6 then listen for the reply)..
    Option 2 Internet.
    You use your internet account to connect to the server.
    Option 3 Internet 2
    You remove your current ISP account.. the Activation prog then uses the it's own number to connect to the nearest M$ server..
    Time taken 10 to 15 mins if using the phone approach less than 5 on either of the internet options..

    That is all to the Pain.. Now IF the reason you have a problem with the advice given is that the copy you have is not legit.. this is not a Crackz or warez site, and asking for cracks is the quickest way of finding yourself looking for a new account (ie Banned) .
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    "I all else fails, go to and do a search under common software crack sites.. See if there is any cracks availible for Win XP HE, if so, run it. Of course you would then be using a illegal copy of Win XP, therefore you prob. wont be able to get updates, patches, etc." - brandon64_99

    Ive recieved alot anti points on this one. But I DONT CARE. Id rather tell a guy the illegal alternative than watch him lose his OS and not have any access. "This community is against stuff like what your suggesting!" Get real, if your OS was going to expire than you would save your ass by doing something 'illegal' too. And i'll bet money on it. If you say otherwise, than your a lying, and you deserve to smacked.
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    Yes but the point of this entire site is not to get around the security measures. If there is a "hacking" way that you want to tell someone, then you're better off PMing then so you don't get banned from the site. But you people should already know that.

    dublix as for why you don't get asked for a registration key, it might be due to either the copy you have is a "corporate" copy, which never asks for a acitvation code. Or if you have a Compaq, Dell, Gateway, one of those computers, typically they don't ask you for a code whenever you reinstall or "recover" your OS.
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    Information is to all. The statements i have made earlier are for everyone, in case someone else has that same problem. To PM someone, it to smack the community in the face. Share information that you know, if thats not a community standard or fundamental, than the policy of the community needs revision. Im not a black hat by any means, nor do I promote being a evil black hat, im only trying to help the guy out, I wouldnt want to see anyone lose their OS.

    "activation isn't rocket science." - ?

    ^You should smack yourself, just about anything made by MSFT is faulty. So, stick that anti point up your ass.

    To fight 'it' you must know 'it.'

    ^Thats how security must be approached.
    The End Justifies The Means...

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