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    Linux Help

    Ok when i start up my computer, it starts in run level 3 (i think) for some reason. Its set to runlevel 5 in /etc/inittab though. When i type startx, X starts up and then i get an error that says could not look up internet address for h24.xx.xxx.xxx.. I hit continue and everything seems to work fine. When i shutdown the computer, NFS stat fails, but it starts up when i start the computer.

    Can anyone help me out? Oh yeah, im running redhat 7.3.

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    I am assuming that when you say you set it in /etc/inittab you mean you changed the line to read the following:


    If that is correct I would check to make sure that isn't another initdefault line in the file. Not sure if the last read is the one executed but I would assume so.

    As far as NFS failing, it is failing because you don't have network connectivity. You didn't state whether or not you are on a network or using dialup but I am assuming that you are on a network. So check your dns settings in /etc/resolv.conf and make sure they are correct. Make sure your ip address is correct for your lan, and check your default route.

    Also you might want to take a look at /var/log/messages to see if there is anything specific in there that gives you your answer. If you get errors on boot, you can type dmesg to see what displays on your screen at boot to see what happened there as well.

    Other than that I am at a loss without more information.

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    thanks for replying. I never changed the inittab file. I selected the graphical login when i installed, so there isnt any other initdefault lines. Does anyone know why X isnt starting?

    Im using cable but i dont have a LAN.


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