In an effort to defeat the unwanted reading of my email, which I know has taken place in the past, I have installed a number of anti-virus systems on my computer, notably Pest Patrol and now TDS-3 by Diamond CS. Some time ago Pest P. caught a Gibe worm in my computer and deleted it. Realizing that my email was still being read (based upon events in the real world), I looked for a more powerful software and found it in TDS-3, trial version of which I am now running.

I ran a deep search with TDS-3 (which took 34 minutes) and it found three Gibe worms (a,b, and c,) and a worm installer that went undetected by Pest Patrol. Interestingly, Ontrack told me that I had spyware in my system but couldn't identify it. But TDS-3 did. The worms were all exe files and the installer was a dll file. Analyzed, they presented themselves as Microsoft files - their classical disguise according to Diamond CS staff. I deleted all of these worms.

My questions is: what is the purpose of these worms? They appear not to be of a keylogger type; they are an older worm type, and according to what I have been told, they are sent out more of less at random, that is, by parties unknown not by an individual intent on reading my email. If that is the case, what satisfaction does the worm launcher get? Diamond CS says that the Gibe worm can open ports allowing my hotmail account to be read, so they have that capability. I have been wondering if the worm launcher, noticing that the first worm was deleted, reconfigured the worm, sent a bunch with an installer to boot!

What do you think? Are these worms from a source unknown to me sent for unknown reasons, or are they deliberate attacks to allow a specific individual to read my email?