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Thread: Any links to websites for Network programming ?

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    Question Any links to websites for Network programming ?


    I am very interested in doing Network programming using 'c' language. I tried to google for finding information about different websites that can provide me with some good information about how to do it but, was a futile effort. Can anyone on the forum provide me with the useful links to websites ?

    Your help will appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I've had luck with this page before: http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue74/tougher.html

    Although it's using c++, the low level networking is done using c. Scroll down the page til you find the files socket.cpp & socket.h. Those will give you an ide about the c networking functions. And if you don't understand all of them right away, find a reference to the function you don't understand using www.google.com.

    But if you read the tutorial it should really be straightforward! Good luck!

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    well i would recomend richerd stevens book on socket programming if u are doing in unix otherwise if u are willing to learn socket programming in vc++ MSDN is gonna be ur best friend ok otherwise try http://www.codeguru.com or http://programmersheaven.com

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    Like ajit said, get your hands on TCP/IP Illustrated (all 3 volumes). They are expensive but are considered by many as the Bible (or the Koran) of TCP/IP.
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