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Thread: More on wireless standards and encryption

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    More on wireless standards and encryption

    I'm sure others out there are dizzy from the flurry of information that pours out from the Wi-Fi Alliance. Now Microsoft has added their two cents. This is a good read for those who are going to deploy Wi-Fi gear this year (as I am).


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    You may also want to check out Cisco's SAFE White Paper on Wireless Security. Available at [Cisco's Website

    There are also a number of decent overviews available at the SANS Reading Room

    Like your article suggests, I'm not really enthusiastic about jumping on board the latest suggestion from Microsoft on securing anything. Much less something as heavily targetted as a WLAN deployment may be. Though I do agree WPA bears watching to see how it actually is adopted moving forward.

    In the meantime, I recommend sticking with proven technologies for securing Wireless. For Cisco I like their LEAP architecture. It's pretty darn secure, and administratively very simple to implement and maintain. For extremely secure or vendor neutral security, I like to use a VPN over wireless solution. In my opinion, this is the best security - but administrative overhead for setup and maintenance can get to be a nuisance. Plan it out first and/or work with someone who's got a few installations under their belt.

    Hope this helps.

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