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Thread: basic security-note;)

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    basic security-note;)

    I didn't see any related post on this so I thought I would post it here since it's to short to be a tutorial.

    First, to have a secure system U must start with a freshly installed system. But before we install it lets make sure that U have 2 hdd. From their load up fdisk and make the second drive
    an extended logical drive. Make sure everything else is formatted correctly if they are both new drives. (ex: format c: /s) Then from there we are ready to go install everything and get it configure properly(firewalls, ids, routers, hubs, and switches, etcera.. etc...) Now that everthing is up an running. I hope U didn't put anything onto the 2nd drive, cause now U can copy everything from the first drive to the 2nd. It should now be a exact clone of your first drive. Now guess what? I would suggest that once that is complete to disconnect the second hdd now if something goes wrong or U think their is a trojan on your system and maybe your drive got corrupted then U can plug in the second drive while U later research the
    problems on your first drive.

    Hope this info was helpful for someone out there)

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    /me dubs phaza7's technique 'poor man's RAID'

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