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Thread: Word 2000 virus from hell

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    Word 2000 virus from hell

    I've got some kind of word 2000 killer virus on my computer that will not allow me to open word. I'm pretty sure it's a hostile macros. Unluckily the infected computer isn't hooked up to the internet, so my systematic Norton antivirus program is to outdated to be of any use.
    Symptoms: Whenever I open Word it tells me that an error occurred with user.exe and then many error screens pop up claiming that there are not enough system resources to complete the desired operation. I have Windows ME so and these screens look like they were designed for '95 so I think it's something the virus is sending them and not the actual OS. After about two minutes of heavy cursing and praying my machine locks up and the only thing I can do is restart it. Luckily the macros only seems to affect Word 2000. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    I don't use Norton AV but depending on how that application updates the definition files, you might could just download the latest defs, burn them to a CD or floppy, then load them on the infected machine.

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Word? Windows ME is crap and full of bugs, so I wouldn't rule out that the OS is somehow causing the errors. I'd try reinstalling Word and possible the OS, then see where you are...
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    I'd suggest getting onto a friends computer and download the latest updates then transfer them to your computer. If that doesn't work then I'd reinstall Word.

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    You can get the latest updates from Norton on disk here

    Scroll down and download those 4 files. They should fit on 4 floppyies and then you can transfer the files onto your computer and update the definitions.
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    You may want to check the Startup folder inside of the Office folder in Program Files (For office XP, its C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Startup

    This is where macros reside to launch on office startup.
    Check here first, another is to search for user.exe and see if any aren't a digitaly signed file (right-click, properties, version tab the 2 text boxes at the bottom should show information, especially all of m$ stuff) and if it's not digitally signed by anyone, it's probably malicious. My computer has 3 copies, one in system32, 1 in service pack directory, anb 1 in dllcache (windows 2000) and they are ALL digitally signed my m$. If your unsure, I suggest leaving it alone.

    And make sure there aren't any unusual programs launching in your registry 'Run' keys to make sure things aren't happening at system boot.

    Hope this helps some....
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    If you've tried all the above ideas and they don't work, you could try erasing the file. From what I understand it's some kind of template that can get corrupted and once corrupted, it will generate the error you are seeing(I had the identical problem you are). Anyways, you can do a
    start -->search --->for files or folders ---> in the box 'search for files or folders named' , type **.
    It should bring the files up(I get 3 total). I then just deleted my and then opened Windows 2000(by default it creates a new file).

    This was mentioned here at AO before, that's how I found out about it. So, I don't take credit for this tip, just passing it on
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