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Thread: cracking my own computer

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    cracking my own computer

    I would like to know how to get the passwords to all the screen names on my computer and also being able to monitor their activities like instant messages and e-mail without there knowledge. please help me. I have to children and i want to monitor them without putting an aol guardian on there screen names. please. I hope this is not agains your rules. besides i would love to learn how to hack into my own computer. thanx

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    What kind of Operating system are you running? How "smart" are your children about computers? Have you tried anything in the past (IE like Net Nanny, Gaurd Dog, etc)?
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    there are many key/event loggers...
    this might be a good idea, as you could simplt scan the log files for key words like "porn" or "boobies", this might be the easiest way to do this... Of course you have a very small user group (your kids) scanning the logs wont take much time, and is probably the best way to go about doing this... of course AciDriveHB is right, maybe net nanny or one of those products might help...

    oh, also- depending on how much your kids know about computers, you could look in the temp, internet files folder looking for old pr0n images/ links/cookies/etc...

    www.keylogger.org has some nice keylogging references...
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    Regardless of whether they are your "children" or not (yes, thats quotation marks you see there..), monitering/reading someones email and prying on instant message conversations is just wrong. Sure, try netnanny or something as someone suggested, but would *you* like it if someone cracked *your* passwords and read *your* private doings?

    my two cents..

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    Go to www.regnow.com and look for a program called Spy Buddy. Spy buddy takes screen shots every so many minutes you specify, records all keys pressed, records all IM conversations, all applications ran, all windows opened, all websites visited, etc. It does a lot of things, and runs in the background where ppl can not see it. It does cost about 50 U.S. D but is worth it. It worked great for me.

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    Re: cracking my own computer

    Originally posted here by mindboggle21
    I would like to know how to get the passwords to all the screen names on my computer
    I really wonder this sentence. If it is your computer it is you who has the administrator account password and administrators can see and do whatever they want. Click to Control Panel -> User Accounts, there are all the accounts...

    besides i would love to learn how to hack into my own computer.
    How to hack into your own computer? Hacking into one's own computer doesn't sound reasonable if you have an user (administrator) account for it anyway... You make it sound like your children locked you out of your computer. In that case it is way too late to try to install any keyloggers or other spy proggies, your children are too smart to be fooled by those.

    Edit/Add: If your children really locked you out of your computer you will need a hardware keylogger, unless you can talk them to give the password to you. Or just steal the power cable, mouse and keyboard and put them behind a lock: if you can't use the computer then no one else will either!
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