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Thread: hacking my own computer

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    hacking my own computer

    I would like to know how i can monitor my kids online activities such as their instant messages and e-mail like aol guardian without thier knowledge. I have windows xp so please give me some info on how this can be done. I kknow that it can.


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    My first suggestion would be something along the lines of a keylogger, if you search on google there are a lot that you can setup and will log all the keystrokes. A majortiy of Key loggers are undetectable to most people too.

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    Does each of your kids ahve their own login account on the computer, do you all share one, etc? If they all have their own accounts, then you can go in and give them permissions. Set them up as users that can only access certain software. That way they couldn't get on and just use Kazaa to download porn and such. Make them as you to "allow" them to use it by doing a "Run As" on the application, and loggin in under the administrative account. That way you know when they are on it and such.

    Another thing would be to use the security settings under "Internet Options". The "Content" tab will allow you to restrict access to certain sites. Sure it's not the best thing, but it's easy.

    Also with anything you use a password on, try using different passwords for different things. Like one password for your admin account, one password for the Content in Internet Options, etc. That way incase they do find out the password, they can't get into everything

    Also create yourself another account, that you never use, which has administrative rights. Try to hide it, just incase they might get into your administrative account and change the login password. Then you still have a sort of back door into the system.

    Use a key logger, that's a good idea. The only thing I don't like about that is, they can use it on you too if they know anything about computers, or might be watching what you area up to. REmember kids these days are getting better with computers.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, will post when I think of more.
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    You could most certainly run a keylogger, or if you were trying to view their actions in real-time, you might use something such as VNC and hide the systray icon from the systray. A keylogger would monitor their PC all the time, then you could check the logs and such to review the actions they had taken. Using VNC (or any other remote desktop app) would allow you to see exactly what the user was seeing as it happened - you could even manipulate their PC if you wanted (which would probably blow your cover)...

    If you search the forums on AO you'll find a pretty good amount of information on Keyloggers, and check this link for info on VNC: http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ You could also Google both of these...
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    I used a program once called Pc Spy. Sorry I can't remember the link but try a search for it on Google or Yahoo. It did cost some money but it recorded keystrokes, took screenshots and recorded IM conversations and programs ran.

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    There are lots of free ones or cheap pc monitors, some or bad, some decent, but by far the best I have tried would have to be spector professional. You can find it at http://www.spectorsoft.com/products/...asp?affil=1127 it is about 100 USD so if the money isn't an issue, this would be the way to go.

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    Ok I found the the name of the software that I was talking about. Its called Spy Buddy you can go to www.regnow.com for this product. When I bought it, it was $50.00. U.S dollars. It will record all keystrokes, log all IM chats, Websites visited, windows opened, every application used, document printed, text and images sent to clipboard, it also records system keys, and it takes snapshots of desktop every so many minutes that you specify. It can also send all of this info to your email.

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    If you were really desperate you could try using "Back orifice 2000" which has keylogging capabilites, realtime view of their desktop, hijack mouse and keyboard, view and kill processes and basically anything you can do from their computer and more. if if you are worried about security in that you can download 256bit encryption plugins and Stealthy TCPIO protocols and other such things f the like.

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    Try visiting this site www.blazingtools.com this you find a keylogger one way to monitor your kids and wife and you of course.

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