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Thread: HArdware Question:DUAL PROCS?

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    HArdware Question:DUAL PROCS?

    I was ordering some specs for my pc.... and one thing has baffled me. I was told 98 couldnt utilize dual procs...

    But now I am running XP, and I need to know if Having two, 1.6 or 1.8 procs or just having one GOOD chip what is the advantages? and Disadvantages?

    I usually run many programs, like burning things, file sharing, standard instant messnegers.... web editing, none of these really bog down resources but would dual procs be good for this while playing a game or would a single good cpu be fine?

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    Im sure for any home purposes one precessor should suffice.
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    Are you running Home or Pro, because I believe Home doesn't even support the dual processor configuration.

    If you're looking to learn a bit more about dual processors, http://2cpu.com/ is a great site for just such an occasion. Hope that helps.
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