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    Leeching internet through foreign network

    what kind of network information do i need to leech internet access from a high school network with a laptop, i mean it works automaticly between mine and my friends networks but im sure the school security is slightly different .....
    _______> laptop to ethernet jack on network, no network activity at all...
    network uses novell does the laptop need novell? any info would be great

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    I have limited experience with novell but in the few novell networks I have seen novell was not need to get net access and was used for file sharing and printing. But if it turns out you do need it you can download the novell client from novells web site. You should be able to get all the information you need from the tcp/ip settings on a work station. If ip's are statically assigned just write them down, turn off the work station and place the same settings on your laptop. Just make sure the workstation is down or you'll get an ip conflict error or something to that extent. If there using DHCP set your laptop to automaticly get you ip information and away you go. Of course if the DHCP server hands out ip's based on a MAC address you might have to change it to that of the a work station.

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    Without knowing more details, it is difficult to say for sure, but one of three things could be the problem.

    1. The port you are connecting to on the switch is either not activated or is not ethernet (perhaps Token Ring)
    2. The Novell Network is not using IP. Many older Novell networks used IPX and it may not have ever been converted.
    3. There are either network restrictions or your school does not have an Internet connection to/from that specific network.

    Of course it could be one of many things, but I would say those 3 are probably most likely.

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    How old is the Novell system, they may be useing ipx/spx with Novells internet gateway services if they are running anything before 5.
    How many systems dose the school have, they may not be running dhcp. Then you need to grab a static in the range that is allowed out.

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    You know what you are talking about is stealing right? Just so you might understand why you are being negged for this post. You can't go and get a service like that without the proper authority. There are some schools though that will allow you to connect a laptop to the school network without a problem, but you have to sign "computer usage" forms and such to be given the RIGHT to use THEIR networks. "Leeching" is really something you don't want to be asking about around here, they make other forums for that.

    I understand why you might want to do that though, it's easier using your own hardware then the schools, I fought with my high school about that too. But the admin was a ***** about it and thought I was trying to be some big hacker and hook my laptop up to take over the network, so it was not allowed. Most admins might give you that as a reason for not wanting/letting you hookup to a school network.

    In all reality though if you're allowing a computer/laptop from the outside in, then you are opening up a BIG security risk. You don't know if that system could have viruses on it from the Internet, or if it might be someone who is trying to hack the network... if they are plugged into it, it's all that much easier to get to the information stored on any server. See what I'm getting at?

    Not trying to be an ass here people, just trying to show you the reason why you might be upsetting some AOer's is all. You are basically asking for help to hack a network, but most people here are trying to keep the hackers out.
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    ask your school if you can get online using their internet. there is a possibility that they'll let you, if you say that you need to use your laptop for "educational" reasons. you will have to sign a user form, and install whatever software they require.. (in this case, novell)

    one thing to think about, if you are trying to hack into the school system and pretend to be crash override or zero cool, you could get expelled, and possibly sent to juvy or jail.

    2 of my friends did this in high school. one got caught before he was finished, and got suspended. the other one accomplished his task right as he was found out, and got extra credit in his CS class. go figure. the principal's husband was a Computer Scientist....

    i'm with AciDrive, don't ask how to break the law here, as most of us get paid to prevent this from happening, or to track down those doing it. If you're school wants you on the net, they'll let you on.
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