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    Grrr, and every year i swear to myself i will not fall for any more 1st of april hoaxes. This year i got hoaxed really hard. Specially with the 2600.com and the gov posted my msmittens. Heh. Next year will be different (once again )

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    If anyone cares to notice, the description says it launches a flood. Software that actually did that (if distributed on a large scale) would DDoS the entire 'net more effectively than the MS SQL worm. That line was all you needed to know it was a joke.

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    since the newbies want to be serious
    ( what happened to the unix sense of humor? )
    Oh, wait, I'm a newbie!

    What if I took Iptables,
    took all the rejected packets and sent them into "user space"
    then wrote a script to append the table rules to take the IP address of those rejected packets and mirror them.

    Oh, and released it under the GNU license.

    Would this be like what they were talking about??

    Do you think that would bog things down a bit??

    How do you think the ISP's would react??
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