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    I have been told by my boss that I have approx 4000 to spend on training, but I have to tell him what courses I want to do by the end of the week. I am just looking for a security course (possible with a bit of admin or with a separate admin course) that will be recognised in the outside world. I am not a complete newb to security but neither am I an expert. I am having trouble getting any real experience at the moment and I know no amount of training can beat the real thing, but I just want something that might get my foot in the door. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I have tried to phrase it as well as I can. I know all that people can do is give their personal opinions, but that is all I am looking for, just to give me an idea of where to start looking. I have already done lots of Learning Tree courses but I think everyone knows what a certification from there is worth.

    thanks in advance for your help

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    i don't really know off hand how much 4000 pounds is worth in the UK, but as far as money wisely spent, contact your local training places, or find some good ones online, and ask them about their accredidation. A lot of computer schools pop up in the states offering all sorts of computer classes, and most of them don't have any sort of background or respect from the industry, but the computer novice wouldn't have any idea.

    Decide what you want to learn, and then see what's offered locally. They may have a class on something that you would like to learn about, and had never thought about before.

    hope this helps
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    Get some network training and certification (like Cisco's CCNA) and go from there. Maybe you also could do some basic Windows and/or Unix training and certification. This will give you a proper base to work from. There is AFAIK no 'instant' security professional training/certification.

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    www.azlan.co.uk is a CISCO partner. I've followed the CCIDN course (Design network) 2 years ago & it was valuable. They have specific CISCO security certification course about few subject of interest like IDS, FRW, VPN ...

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