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    Term Paper

    Hi, I need help wrighting a term paper about the controversy over the hollywood misconseption of what a hacker is. can any of you help me in my situation?

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    Their are various papers on the web about this subject. I would suggest just to search for articles on google. I'm assuming they would need to be reliable sources if its a term paper, so you are going to have to find sitable material thats trustworthy. good luck
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    *not a response to term paper*

    I have to write a opinion paper on the "right to hack" for my class which is about 2 - 5 pages. Going for the min on this on. I found some sites i.e. this one, frontline, and a few others that I am looking into, but I want to know what a few people consider on what's right and wrong, and how far one can go without being seens as a bad hacker. I am taking the stance out of three given ( "it's a inalienable right," it's ok for securtiy purposes, it's a crime no if and buts) that it is a right but yet should be treated with the purpose of exploring or testing out security, a middle ground of sorts b/w the first two choices. Also some terminology on what are some names for the different type of hackers i.e. white-hats, black hats, or whatever colored hats ( I have no clue as to what those signify except for the white-hat one). I would like to recieve info from both sides to make it a fair arguement, but I also wanted a better view on what a few people think of hackers these days. I think that is pretty much it. All I need now is feedback from anyone who can put in stuff that is useful. Also on documentation I'll just use Antionline forums as the area where I gathered any information, since it be a pain to write down all the handles of people who wrote stuff.

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