I have two questions about *nix mail. My mail server is a mandrake 8.0 install with all the relivent patches to sendmail.

The first one is not truly a security question but...I'm having a hell of a time blocking spam at my home server, I'm running sendmail as my smtp and I usually use mail or pine to read my mail. I attempted to install spammassain with some addin to block spam at the server but failed miserably (had to restore system from backups). From what I can tell Spamassain is a good utility but wants to block Spam at the pop3/imap side of things, any suggestions out there on a easy to install Imap or POP3 server that runs with sendmail and what is the benefits of either?

The smtp port and the ssh port are curently the only ports accessable to the outside world waht ports would I have to open up to allow for IMAP or POP3?