I'd like to sollicite the good knowledge of AOs.

My problem:
I'd like to assign IP address basing on the interface on which the the client request is coming to the router. I can't think that's not achievable but does anyone confirm?
This may be a very simple issue for some of ya; please help!

I quickly read the RFC951 but I can't find an answer.

The network is basically composed by a switch, a router & a DHCP server as follow:
                                      | Router  |___________DHCP Server
                                               |  802.1q trunk
                          |              Switch                |
                          |  ______           ______ |
                          |  |VLAN1|          |VLAN2| |
                          |  -----------          ----------  |
                                 |                         [
                            host 1                host2
With 802.1q logical/virtual interface the router sees 2 bridge-group & subnets.
The router performs bootp to mediate DHCP request to the server.
The router may be CISCO or Linux or whatever that's an open issue.

My goal is to configure the IP of "host 1" into the associated VLAN subnet just using the fact that BootP knows on which logical port it receives the request!


Thanx to guys that have been through all of this!