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Thread: i'm desperate and pathetic

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    I've reinstalled windows 2000 proffesionall for 10th time already and always, always after one day i get hacked. Once it was klehz worm, than dloder or 'what'sit's name'. This morning when I rebooted I found, get this, I found a WinVNC setup screen running. WTF man!!!.
    First of all select which one of the below statements suits you most:

    A) I'm a gamer dude, i'm so hardcore that I need the "last drop of performance from my system"

    B) I'm a gamer dude but I dont like people coming in my backdoor. (hmm)

    If its 'A' stop reading this post and get back on the UTServers before you miss the nightly Deathmatch. If its 'B' read on.....

    klehz worm, than dloder or 'what'sit's name'
    These are all viruses it doesnt mean neccesarily you've been hacked it can mean that something you've downloaded was infected. (The usual format is .zip files game patches, new maps, drivers etc)

    To get rid of these you NEED Antivirus:

    Best idea is to spend £20, $35 on PCCillin, Norton, McAfee or similar......

    Or the cheap way is to go to Trend Micros 'Housecall' virus scanner at

    To actually stop intruders you need a firewall. Again there are free ones such as the likes of ZoneAlarm, Kerio and Outpost at but if you really are concerned about performance I suggest you invest in an 'appliance' firewall such as Netscreen, Sofaware, Intrusion, Gatelock, Sonicwall or WatchGuard
    These are hardware firewalls they do their own processing onboard and wont affect your machines speed.

    Lastly if you wanna harden windows 2000 there is (funnily enough) the free way or the easy way. CLICK RIGHT HERE!

    I see a pattern emerging......

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    when i reinstall i always reformat C: ntfs but i have a FAT partition to share files w/ Debian like mp3's and pdf's

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    you could use Zone Alarm, although i must say, i've found ZA to be rather like hiring a hyperactive monkey to guard your door. it'll tell you about every possible thing going on... (which in your case may be good)

    take your computer off of the network (DSL, Cable, whatever) and reinstall winders2000. then some sort of AV (best buy sells full version of norton AV for thirty bucks) then go online and download windows updates for win2k, then the live update for nortons. after your computer is all patched up and happy, install the firewall of your choice.
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    Get a firewall and an antivirus, you will still be able to run your games. Install the patches, you said you download a P2P file sharing system? thatís where klez is coming from you downloaded it. If you do-nothing to protect your system it will keep getting infected unless you stop downloading files. The viri are probably in the fat partition, you donít necessarily need to wipe it, just get an anti-virus program and lean it.

    And yes viri can hide in the boot sector, form.a and what not, so repartition, you said you have debian it should have a tool for wiping and rewriting the boot sector. Any modern av program should clean any boot sector virus, they are very hard to write so most of them where written a while ago.

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    thank you everyone

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    cybernetic, is your FAT partition being formatted as well? Any files you have on that partition may be infected and are just re-infecting you as soon as you start your OS.... Best bet is to get a virii scanner, scan your puter, then format after your sure its dis-infected. You can get a good free demo with updated definitions from:

    good luck
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