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Thread: For Linux and RPG fans.

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    For Linux and RPG fans.

    This may be old news to many here at AO (and not security related), but I was happy to see that a good rpg is (soon) released for Linux .

    Source: Bioware
    The Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Public Beta is now open. The Linux Forum can be used to discuss the Linux Client, however do not post bugs in that forum. To report bugs, send a detailed bug description to nwlinux@bioware.com. We will be releasing updated Beta versions with fixes - check back often. Server browsing and chat are currently disabled and will be available in an upcoming Beta release.

    Read more here.

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    Me either ,I really wanted to have a rpg game for linux ,as you know most all game are under windows yah why game publisher dont want to make the game for linux . I really happy to hear that

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