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    Question Proxy question.

    Well I was tring to put in the proxy but wasn't sure what to type in. I went to tools>internet options>connections>LAN settings and then you know the box that says Automaticly detect setting so well im not sure if i uncheck that or not and which ones should i check? heres my next question in that same box when you check those boxes you have to type in some stuff and i am not exatly sure what to type im not sure exatly what port i should choose and which adress i should use? Could someone help me go through those steps because i dont really want to screw it up.

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    You should only use that if you have a proxy ready for use, something like port:80. Just checking the automaticly detect settings should be just fine.
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    if you are using winproxy, set up the mspclient on your machine, and leave all the proxy boxes unchecked on that default page. if using dchp instead of a proxy, you can leave the autodetect box checked.

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    maybe you're looking for a simpler answer?

    First of all, a proxy is a computer that you "go through" to connect to the internet for various reasons. At work you might go through a proxy so they know what sites your looking at and to filter out the bad sites. At home you might use it for security on the internet.

    Unless your network administrator at work told you to use a specific proxy, or you otherwise need to use a proxy, leave it blank. You don't need to fill that in to use the internet (unless again its at work and it's required).

    If you're looking for a proxy to use at home, I wouldn't recommend it unless: you really need/want it, its a good company and one your trust, and most of all, you've read their privacy policy. If you don't know the person who's running the service, they could be tracing your every move and logging your information, and might even be worse than surfing without a proxy.

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    . I went to tools>internet options>connections>LAN settings and then you know the box that says Automaticly detect setting so well im not sure if i uncheck that or not and which ones should i check?
    This was discussed more in detail here.

    This will work only for HTTP. Everything else will not be going through that IP.

    To test it first go to and get your ip.

    then configure it in tools --> internet options --> connections --> lan settings --> uncheck autofind --> check use proxy --> enter proxy address and port.

    You know the address and port by getting a proxy list. It should also list the port on which to connect.

    Then go back to and see that your HTTP traffic is going through a different address than the one you had before.

    The link above was a discussion not to far back about the advantages and disadvantages of using a proxy. They are good sometimes, but can bite you in the rear if you are visiting personal pages through it. All traffic is logged and can be intercepted by whoever is hosting the proxy. Therefore... if you go to your web based e-mail or online banking... there is a good chance that someone has got your user id and password information. If you are just using it so a site doesn't know where you came from... then that is another reason.

    Other than that... there isn't too many reasons to use a proxy for what you want to use it for.
    Maybe to hide your true ip address so you don't get flamed or DoSed in an IRC room or something...

    The real reason people use proxies (what they are meant for) is to add an extra layer of security. You can block sites and cache web pages and block/accept traffic that is acceptable.

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    any one have irc proxy plzz..send to me because my ip has akill line by dalnet..thx

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