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Thread: hey look at this

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    hey look at this

    If you remmember my last post, I was hacked... the attached file was in my C:\

    it is probably malicious so I don't really expect you to open it but I'm really curious what it is so if any of you have the facilities or know-how to analyze it please share what it is??? The extention has been changed from 'exe' to 'txt' in order to upload it into the forum


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    you just had a backdoor virus you were hacked because you are no running an antiovirus my norton got it name of the virus Backdoor.Irc.Aladinz.B
    Next time don't attached file with malicious code
    \"Knowledge is Power\"

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    the file in it's current form is harmless and there's A HUGE WARNING so please don't make it bigger deal than it is...

    thanx for the info

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